Who is Tamara Kidd, from Tutor Your Own Child?

I’m an Educational Consultant who specialises in helping parents, especially when mainstream isn’t working or not an option they want to use. Frequently this means Homeschooling, Unschooling and all methods of Home Education. From freestyle to curriculum based and all stages in-between, together we can make ‘Homeschooling’ simple.

I have helped people with alternative systems and opting to Home Educate since 2007. Likewise, I’ve answered the many and varied questions parents have regarding education, and parenting. Home Education is parenting 100% of the time, and essentially can be described as not delegating the formal education portion of a child’s development to a school. I help you to navigate that. Do you think you need to purchase a complete education curriculum? You do not. Have you assumed you’ll need to outlay $100s before you can get started? PLEASE DO NOT! Always ask the community how people do it without expensive setup costs, because many will tell you that they regret buying before working out what their children need and are willing to use.

I help you to work that out.

Learning about the world, in the world, is very hard to replicate in a school environment. I’m one of many who have moved from working in a school as a teacher, to opting to home educate their own children. Being in a very diverse community of parents, and caregivers, who are choosing this approach to education is humbling. It has been the best teaching gig I’ve ever had, and it’s also been deeply satisfying to see children’s needs being met without so many of the limitations that are part of School life.

Read the reviews on my main Welcome Page to learn more about what I offer, as each family is different in what they need.
Are you looking for community for social support and assistance with registration? Are you in NSW and need help with registration? Go here for free help. Need a solid foundation for a successful and sustainable homeschooling or unschooling lifestyle?

Essential Step by Step Parent Workbooks

Save a heap of money by creating your own learning plans for home educating your children - don't buy something off the shelf that doesn't match their learning styles and needs, it's not that hard to write your own, let Beverley, Tamara and April show you howinstead of buying online lessons and unit studies you have to print out and adapt let us show you how easy it is to develop themself and save yourself a heap of moneyLearn how to translate your children's activities into educational records with this parent workbook, a course in the why and how of home education evaluation and record keeping

This is a complete ‘how to’ home education course.

How to Book an Education Consultation

Please email or message through my Facebook page for consultations
Zoom/Skype/Messenger consultations by appointment only
Cost: according to your own means, at your discretion, via direct deposit or PayPal. As a guide, the award rate for this type of Educational Consultancy is roughly $50-80 per hour, according to my formal qualifications and years of experience.
As many can attest, my consultations are usually one offs. However, I frequently have people return because new challenges have arisen. Often as my previous advice had been sound, people book me again, months or years later. I love to see how your children are progressing, and how you’ve relaxed into home education. I understand that most of us take a financial hit when we start home educating. Therefore, I suggest the amount you choose to pay is an amount you feel is fair. Ideally, if you can see me after our consultation at a park meetup, and you don’t feel like you over or under pay me, we’re free to ‘just be home ed parents hanging out’.

4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Claire Chapman says:

    hi Tamara,
    i’ve just found your blog through the educating parent site …
    i’ll definitely be hanging around! i’ve got 4 (13 – 6) under our roof!
    could you please send me a copy of your document of Proformas for the new NSW syllabus? i’m very interested to see. we’re in Sydney but have a little place near Wyong too.
    warm regards,

    1. Tamara Kidd says:

      Hi there Claire,

      I was wondering how your journey is going since I emailed you back?

      All the best,

  2. Jeannie says:

    Hi Tamara
    Just starting the process of homeschooling my 13 year old. I’m wondering if you offer a service that helps me to register and set up a program.

    1. Tamara Kidd says:

      Hi Jeannie,

      How has 2016 been going for you both?

      All the best

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