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Whether you call it Home Education, Homeschooling, Unschooling, deschooling, Worldschooling, Natural Learning, school at home, Distance Education… or whatever you would like to call it is what you do, we are a Community of learners.

Ultimately, we’re all aiming for the same thing… helping children to learn outside the standardised school system.

I call it ‘getting on with life and learning as though schools doesn’t exist! After living and learning outside of the system, you can forget about it and get on with learning about the world, from the world.

It’s a lifestyle, and what I also call ‘the best teaching gig I’ll ever have’.

Who am I?

My name is Tamara. Formally, I am Tamara Kidd B.Teach (Primary)/B.A. (History), Grad Cert Ed. I am an Education Consultant based near Newcastle, NSW, Australia specialising in helping families find bespoke solutions for their bespoke concerns, difficulties, challenges or when they find themselves in fenced off and need help to find the gates. Which is an interesting way of putting what many experience as a ‘gatekeeping’ feeling when trying to help their own child. How can you access help? There IS a lot of help available; a whole community of help. Let me introduce you to them and show you the path in. I’ve been doing this through my business since 2007 for people who choose to use a school and since 2009 for everyone else. And there are A LOT of people who choose to not use a school.

Formal training and experience
  • Primary Teacher (Mainstream and GATE)
  • Practical training in Montessori Method
  • Worked for Montessori Preschool
  • Certificate IV Small Business Certificate
  • Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Comparative and International Education)
  • Sessional Academic, ACU (Australian Catholic University)
Home Education Experience

I home educated my children from June 2006 to January 2023. For 16.5 years we enjoyed a wonderful life of learning together, using a mixture of Montessori and Unschooling. Both children completed TAFE qualifications. My eldest graduated with a Diploma, my youngest a high score for TEP and offered a university placement. He is now in 1st year at UON (the University of Newcastle) while their older sibling has been working since they were 17 and lives away from home.

I have the joy of knowing both of my now adult-children were well-prepared for their independent lives. I’ve not just tested the legitimacy of this education choice as a parent, I have as a teacher as well. I’ve watched thousands of other families home educate in their own unique way and know that I’m well qualified to say that learning about the world in the world is second to none. It has been the best teaching gig I’ll ever have, and I have no regrets that we chose this pathway.

I also know, through my experience volunteering to support others, and working as an Educational Consultant, how to make it work.

Community work

Over the years I’ve also met and helped thousands of Home Educators, presented at conferences, summits, run workshops, assisted with writing countless plans and helped people with record keeping. I’ve started meetup groups, run home education events and camps, and in general have done ‘what I can, when I can’ as is the nature of what we do. That now includes YOU! Today, I continue to be a part of the Home Education Community and hope to be for many years to come.

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Find me on Substack

Feel free to join me on my Substack. It’s where I will collate and update what I have already contributed, and then keep people updated with what I’m doing now. 

I’ve been working on a massive writing project for the past 12 months and people are starting to ask how my books are going. To date, I have also published 42 Mentor Videos for Nurture Parenting Magazine and presented at about seven or so Summits, including Raising Happy Kids, and the yearly Australian Homeschooling Summit.

Monthly updates on books, articles and a Podcast of home educators having a ChitChat.

Products Currently Available


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Essential Step by Step Parent Workbooks

Save a heap of money by creating your own learning plans for home educating your children - don't buy something off the shelf that doesn't match their learning styles and needs, it's not that hard to write your own, let Beverley, Tamara and April show you howinstead of buying online lessons and unit studies you have to print out and adapt let us show you how easy it is to develop themself and save yourself a heap of moneyLearn how to translate your children's activities into educational records with this parent workbook, a course in the why and how of home education evaluation and record keeping

This is a complete ‘how to’ home education course.

Create Your Own Curriculum

Part 1 – The authors walk you through HOW to create a learning plan that that works for YOUR family, ticks all the registration boxes, and creates a solid foundation on which to grow your home educating experience! Designed to help build your confidence as an educating parent.

D.I.Y. Lesson Plans & Unit Studies 

Part 2 – Learn how to help the kids get the most out of homeschooling with these tried and proven home educational strategies. Create your own lesson plans and unit studies to suit your individual children’ learning needs and watch them thrive as their motivation for learning grows! Packed with ideas and examples.

Recording & Evaluating Made Simple 

Part 3 – Learn how to record and use authentic and continuous assessment of your children’s learning to help plan and implement activities that meet their immediate learning needs. Real examples.

Services Currently Available

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  • Would you like help to navigate syllabus, curriculums and what supplies you actually need, to save you the expense of buying things that don’t work?

  • Are you tempted to buy a pre-made curriculum, but worry that this won’t be the right fit for your child or family?

  • Are you a teacher and need help navigating the Homeschooling World?

  • Do you have questions about Homeschooling, Unschooling, Montessori, alternative or mainstream Education Systems, or questions about home education methods?

  • Do you require advice about Child Development, Parent/Child relationships or anything that is weighing you down or stressing you out, about your children’s education?

 Messenger/Zoom/Skype link sent 5–10 minutes prior to appointment.

Bookings are made via Email:

Enquire about Appointments
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I will answer simple questions only requiring an email response for free. If we need an appointment, please specify Zoom/Skype/Messenger contact details. Payment is according to your means, paid after the appointment.

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