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…It’s 2021, what are you using?

Are you BRAND NEW to home education/homeschooling/unschooling/thinking about not sending your children to school? Then there’s ONE place you’ll find it ALL! Beverley Paine is part of the foundations of home education in Australia and now a grandmother to home educated children she continues to layer her experience into her writing for us all to learn from. Beverley ALSO maintains RESOURCE DIRECTORIES. Seriously, there’s no point in my writing more than GO TO HER SITE! I’ve lost count of the times I’ve read or heard people talking about how much relief they found at the start of their journey into home education when finding out about Beverley’s many articles, books, resources etc. MOST of it is free on her site. Very generous lady, and someone I’m grateful to call a dear friend. 

Are you confused about what the new technology terminology in education is? HERE is a great visual aid that helps.

Want to learn about World History through cool Youtubes? Click HERE

Khan Academy is uber cool and resourceful and TOTALLY FREE!!!!

Science Bob is an institution in the USA with his fun videos… check him out.

Where are all the Languages going? Awesome project and well worth learning about.

Worried that your child isn’t writing well? This blog is great and this post explains some common assumptions. Written by a teacher, author and Home Educator.

Authentic Parenting… what is it? HERE is a link you might find helpful.

Awesome resource put together by an awesome lady, Beverley Paine Home Educated her 3 children before the internet, off the grid in a self-build dwelling with her lovely Husband, in South Australia. I’ve GOT to include a link to her site… it’s jam-packed with all sorts of great links. And for some VERY affordable ‘how to’ books for both Home Educating AND Tutoring your schooled child check out her books at Always Learning Books, now run by daughter April Jermey who now home educates her own 3 children!

Have you used Skwirk? Online learning links time… and they mostly start with at least a month of free use.

Don’t make ya Brainpop! Another online learning link.

Here’s a Studyladder for you to climb… more online learning.

Zane Education is another online learning provider… you can dive in and check it out for free, with only part of their site requiring a membership.

Another site, this one is focusing on Science. Experiland!

Of course, there is also Reading Eggs, Horrible Histories, Horrible Science, Horrible Geography, Horribly Famous and Murderous Maths! Books, and Murderous Maths website. Online learning games and DVD’s are amongst the aids.

Here is an EXCELLENT list for 100 EDUCATIONAL VIDEO SITES. Enjoy!

Need to reconnect with your children? Kara Matheson is a talented and beautiful lady who runs courses on Mindful Parenting.

Why do you need to Hack Life? Coz hacking saves time and reduces stress, and parents who are less stressed are better for children’s well-being…. go on… become a Life Hacker!

What better way to fire up your brain and their’s than by watching some AWESOME people talk about interesting ideas at a Ted Talk. Always something interesting there!

I’m also a resource. If you want to book a consult so you can tailor make your own registration plans feel free to book via my Facebook page



  1. Lisa Lisa

    Fantastic Links, Tamara. I am still new to this but reading pages like yours help me feel yes I am normal.. (What is Normal anyway?)

  2. nerise howes nerise howes

    Hi Tamara

    I really want to start my daughter with the Montessori method…she is supposed to start prep in 2015. There are no Montessori schools in Cairns. I want to find out if it is legal to use the Montessori curriculum in homeschooling in Australia? How do i go about starting? thanks so much for any help or advice.


    • Tamara Kidd Tamara Kidd

      Hi Nerise,

      ACARA has approved a Montessori National Curriculum for use in Australia. The Home Education Unit in Queensland has specific requirements for registration however you can easily meet them as well as using Montessori. How to Raise an Amazing Child is an excellent book for where you’re up to with your daughter and I highly recommend using that. You don’t need to register with the HEU until you child turns 6.5 years old. “It would be usual to register a child for home education from the beginning of the year in which they would usually start Year 1 at a school. A child can be registered for home education from the year they turn 6 years of age by the 30 June of that year. They need to be registered by the time they turn 6.5 years of age.” (

      Until that time you can keep educating your own child in the way you choose. The Unit are very helpful and what they essential require is a yearly plan and three lots of samples of work showing progression, in English, Maths and one other subject. You can certainly use Montessori at home as a registered Home Educator.

      Hope this helps,


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