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Australian Homeschooling Summit 2022

It was held between 14th – 25th  February 2022, but all is available to view right now!

For 2 weeks, starting 14th February the Australian Homeschooling Summit for 2022 featured a broad range of home education support providers. 
Brought to you by Kelly from Fearless Homeschool
Fearless Homeschool

STILL AVAILABLE: For only $29 you all Australian content which is accessible from home (watch from your couch in your PJs!). Gain some valuable shortcuts and don’t waste time experimenting, whether you are wanting to home educate or you’re looking to learn about this demographic for your business idea. Come and learn from our collective experience.

List of topics and presenters with pale graphics of children learning behind text reads I was the last session of the summit this year   Tamara Kidd (me)  What's it REALLY like to  homeschool your children:  what it will take to make it work for children, parents, and families.  Esther White Maths Anxiety? How to Teach Maths with Confidence and Ease   Neil Edmond 5 Big Reasons to Teach Your Kids About Money   Jami Lyn Planning with Purpose and Ease   Andrew Lord Become a Project-Based Learning Guru   Rachael Clark Ways to Tap into your Child's Learning Ability   Karen Willson Australian Homeschool Curriculum,  Services and Resources Anastasia Schild Ways to Support Mental Health - for parents and children   Anthony Coalfield Living Books - not just for  Charlotte Mason homeschools   Mandy King-Adams Simplify School to Maximise Education   Kylie Rayner Reflections of a Homeschool Journey   Freya Dawson and Baerbel Fischer Conscious Parenting and Unschooling   Rebecca English What do we know about home education?   Heidi Conway From Contention to Connection Amanda Bartle A Chat with Homeschool Graduates   Ann Leach What about socialisation? Will my child have friends?   Nat Mardon The Power of Play in your Child's Education   Aimee Engler Homeschooling your Neurodiverse Child   Fabian Navarro An Inclusive Learning Environment   Melinda Miles Holistic Education and DIY Resources   Sara Macdonald Unschooling: 'But what do I actually DO?' Kristy Forbes Unschooling neurodivergent  children with radical acceptance   Frances Prentice Literacy - the Early Years,  the Controversies,  and Tips and Tricks for Spelling   Erin Hassett Nurturing a Love of Literature   Tamara Kelly Developing a Permaculture  Approach to Home Education   Pamela Ueckerman Using Books to Enrich  Your Child's Learning and Life   Cat Miedecke Guiding the Gifted:  Home Educating Gifted and 2E Kids   Patricia Fitzgerald Unit Studies -  family learning with multiple ages   Vickky Harris-Newsham HESP Writing in Tasmania  Lusi Austin Eclectic Homeschooling bonus: SATURDAY MID-SUMMIT LIVE   registration workshop panel

Who presented? What was covered? Welcome to the Home Education Community with Information and Clarity, the 2022 AHS Australian Homeschooling Conference is still a great way to start your home education adventure or to revamp what you’re already doing.

If you would like to access previous Summits I have a whole bunch of sale items for you!
Pick whatever you would like to watch from previous summits from the comfort of your own home. Details about topics covered and the presenters are visible when you click on the link but before you buy, so you can decide if you want to see those sessions without any cost or commitment.

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image of children learning and images of 3 workbooks that guide you to becoming an educating parent

Create Your Own Curriculum

Part 1 – The authors walk you through HOW to create a learning plan that that works for YOUR family, ticks all the registration boxes, and creates a solid foundation on which to grow your home educating experience! Designed to help build your confidence as an educating parent.

D.I.Y. Lesson Plans & Unit Studies 

Part 2 – Learn how to help the kids get the most out of homeschooling with these tried and proven home educational strategies. Create your own lesson plans and unit studies to suit your individual children’ learning needs and watch them thrive as their motivation for learning grows! Packed with ideas and examples.

Recording & Evaluating Made Simple 

Part 3 – Learn how to record and use authentic and continuous assessment of your children’s learning to help plan and implement activities that meet their immediate learning needs. Real examples.

Tutor Your Own Child logo line

  • Would you like help to navigate syllabus, curriculums and what supplies you actually need, to save you the expense of buying things that don’t work?
  • Are you tempted to buy a pre-made curriculum but worry that this won’t be the right fit for your child or family?
  • Are you a teacher and need help navigating the Homeschooling World?
  • Do you have questions about Homeschooling, Unschooling, Montessori, alternative or mainstream Education Systems, or questions about home education methods?
  • Do you require advice about Child Development, Parent/Child relationships or anything that is weighing you down or stressing you out, about your children’s education?

Please note that although I can give plenty of information about writing plans, keeping records, what works and what won’t, I’m no longer co-writing Plans/Records with parents/caregivers for Registration in NSW. For assistance please join Home Education NSW Facebook group. Alternatively, or in addition, you can purchase the 3 Parent Workbooks through Always Learning Books.

 Messenger/Zoom/Skype link sent 5-10 minutes prior to appointment.
Can I just phone you/you just phone me instead?

No, I do not give out my phone number or use the phone for clients. As you can appreciate if someone has my number they can easily forget that appointments are necessary. Have you been ever called at all hours with someone asking you random questions? I have answered the phone, not knowing that I’m about to be interrupted for a free consultation in the middle of Bunnings, pushing a shopping cart, trying to explain to my Aunt with Auslan who is on the phone, “oh I just want to ask you a few quick questions… no I don’t need a consultation”.

Like many around Australia, I’m a full-time carer. My Aunt’s needs always come first. My Aunt is profoundly deaf, and I mostly use my phone to support her needs. There are still a lot of accessibility issues she must navigate, including needing someone to speak on the phone because a business or service doesn’t have a text option. I work between 1 to 10 hours for her on any given day. For 16.5 years before this, I was a busy home educating solo-parent, who was also studying, working, volunteering etc. 

I’m also currently writing several books. I can write and be there for my Aunt quite easily. Partly, this is because I am no longer helping people with NSW Homeschool Registrations. I’m thrilled about having more time to write. 

Inspired by the diverse lived experience myself  and thousands of families in our community have shared with each other, the works of fiction I’m currently working on will be presented in a range formats including Picture Books, MG, YA & Novels, so all ages are authentically represented.

Authentic representation in literature matters. How many times do we read or hear stereotypes about homeschoolers/unschoolers based on a complete lack of experience or education? Our children don’t need yet more books about children that go to school. I’ve seen too many get turned off reading, because they can’t or don’t want to relate to those characters.

Will I continue consultations? Mentor live videos every second Monday? Being in the various Facebook groups as an Admin/Moderator? Am I leaving the community?

I’ve been asked by many people throughout 2022 for consultations next year, and beyond, for home education support. I will continue to offer Educational Consultations for the foreseeable future. I really love talking with parents about how to help their children be free to learn. Taking the stress and fear out of this part of parenting, it’s a real privilege. I don’t take being asked for advice lightly or for granted.

So Consultations? Yes.

But, please email or use my Facebook Page to message, and together we will book an appointment time that suits us both so we can focus.

Having booked appointments allows us to not be interrupted and it fosters the quality consultation we both deserve. 

Thanks for understanding.

Yes, I will continue being the Home Education Mentor for Nurture Parenting Magazine and present lives in their Facebook Group.

Yes, I will continue being an admin/mod in the dozen or so Facebook Support groups I’ve been part of, in some cases since Facebook started. I used to be admin/mod in twice as many! My own group started on Yahoo Groups. Speaking of my local Meetup group, they told me to tell everyone that they won’t let me go. Luckily I don’t want to ‘leave the tribe’. I want to see what happens next! To see children reading these books I’m currently making and feel seen. For parents to read my novels and understand other people’s unique home ed journeys and gain more clarity and ease about their own. 

I have more to contribute.

And I’m presenting at AHS 2023! It will start at the end of February and run for two weeks.



Reviews of my Educational Consultations and contributions to our community


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