While preparing for the 2020 Australian Homeschooling Summit…

‘The school system may never be the same’ expert Tim on Australian TV channel 7 said. His enthusiasm struck a chord with me, for sure, but anxiety is what people are feeling more than anything. I can afford to see the positives, I’ve already been through the process of ‘not relying on schools’.

More than ever parents and children need certainty about many concerns. One concern is that their children will keep learning.

Support is available for parents of school children who will now be schooling from home. An online Facebook group has been set up. Click this link to connect with others in your boat.

Home Educators are being asked “what do we do?” and “how do I make a timetable that works?” as well as “how do you work from home and homeschool?”

Collectively the presenters of the 2020 Australian Homeschooling Summit decided to delay the 10-day event so that everyone could prioritise preparing for lockdown. I’m home with 5 people, a dog and 2 cats. It is very strange to not be attending home ed regular activities such as PCYC and local park meetups. From home I’ve connected with our local home ed group with about 100 people responding to a group post to check-in and connect.

Yes, we are self-isolating.

Yes, we have social distancing.

No. We are not completely isolated.


We’re grateful to be still connected to our community. I am also grateful to be connected with over 10,000 parents who have suddenly become ‘temporary homeschoolers’. This new online community is growing, supporting each other, and I’ve witnessed many parents learn that people who have previously chosen to home educate chose to;

  1. Leave a system that has funding
  2. Take full responsibility for their children’s education
  3. Become members of a strong community of committed parents who by and large are selfless, resourceful, kind, proudly ‘weird’ in that they do this despite what people think, and all home educate ‘according to the needs of their children’.

It is an AMAZING time to be a home educator + teacher/educator/educational academic/education consultant + Montessorian. Never before have I witnessed so many people say ‘just follow the child’ when parents are overwhelmed by their new reality.

I’ll leave you with two more items, the first is shameless self-promotion of the upcoming Summit… cost is only $25 for the whole thing, with access forever…

2020 Summit affiliate link

2019 Summit affiliate link

2018 Start Homeschooling Summit actually NOT an affiliated link

2017+2019 Summit affiliate link

*Disclosure, affiliate links. The money I receive from this goes towards the hosting costs for my online office (hosting, website etc)


And finally…

Something for nothing, that I hope is a valuable lesson, from the heart. 

Here is the MOST important lesson for EVERYONE with their children who are now at home:

My Facebook Covid-19 AdviceMay you be safe, may you be well. 

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