AHS Australian Homeschooling Summit 2019

Australian Homeschooling Summit

I’m VERY excited to be presenting at this year’s AHS online summit for home educators in Australia!

Even as a seasoned homeschooling mum, I found the summit reassuring and the resources great to have on hand. It was wonderful to see we are not alone.


It seems only a short while ago I was enjoying the vibe of an education conference in Queensland that featured homeschooling, and while I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT… there were two things that I couldn’t help but notice:

Presenting meant that I couldn’t listen to the presenters who were talking at the same times as I was, which was the same for all who came to listen to me and, I knew that there were more people who would love to attend the event but couldn’t because Australia is SO VERY BIG. I mean, there are home educators EVERYWHERE! Even travelling the globe as I type!

Australian Homeschooling Summit

Distance is no problem for this summit because AHS is ALL ONLINE! It will be just as interactive as the two-day conference, and this one will be more than a week-long plus provides more opportunities to connect with each of the presenters. So, like me you may LOVE in-person conferences still, and you too may hope we have many more options, but meanwhile, let’s START the year off THIS SUMMIT which is just WEEKS AWAY!

I’m very much looking forward to talking with people about helping their children with learning all while as a group we can be comfortable as we attend from our homes.

Yes, you can attend in your PJs!

I really enjoyed the Australian Homeschooling Summit. I’ve always wanted to go to homeschool conventions but cannot afford the entry fees/travel/accommodation so having this online was fantastic! I couldn’t make all of the live sessions but looked forward a cup of tea & tuning into the replay after the kids went to bed! Overall, it was very inspiring!


Australian Homeschooling Summit


My friend Kelly George of Fearless Homeschool has been putting together a massive event coming up in the week of February 4th to 15th.

I liked that someone went to the effort of reaching out, sharing the energy of other homeschoolers and generally bring the homeschool community together.


The AHS is so well organised and I’m excited to be part of it! Kelly has created a hub community for the presenters and we’ve already started discussing and ‘buzzing’ about how much will be covered!

Who will you tune in for?

I’m really looking forward to listening to Jen Bauer, Tamara Kelly and of course Beverley Paine, as always. I expect I’ll learn more from Larteasha Griffen, as my business journey has picked up and I’m keen to transition DS14 into Tertiary Education, just like DD17 who is onto Diploma number 2 this year! Rachel Clark, I’ll be watching you too! (I’ll be watching everyone! The Workshops are all too good to miss! I’ve listed them below).

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Australian Homeschooling Summit

Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful summit. It was an invaluable resource for a new homeschooler like myself. Being able to access it from the comfort of my own home was so convenient and realistically the only way I can access courses like this at this stage of my family life. Thank you again, I’m already looking forward to the next one!

Sophie Wise

Please join us as we cover a variety of topics, which include:

  • Oh no! I Forgot to Socialize the Kids! – Beverley Paine
  • Learning Styles and Preferences – Beverley Paine
  • Deschooling for Homeschoolers – Beverley Paine
  • Taming the Curriculum Monster – Michelle Morrow
  • Sustainable Homeschooling: enjoying the long haul – Kelly George
  • Theme & Project Planning – Tamara Kelly
  • Registering with HEU in Qld – Tamara Kelly
  • Remove the stress from registration requirements and get on with real home education – Tamara Kidd
  • How to retrospectively describe everyday life as educational attainment – Tamara Kidd
  • Knowing What I Know Now – Belinda Letchford
  • Multisensory Maths: Teaching Our Children Effectively Using Research-Based Solutions – Esther White
  • Northern Territory Homeschool Registration – Jen Bauer
  • How to be an Organised Homeschool Parent (no, this is not an oxymoron!) – Jen Bauer
  • Travel with Kids:  A Real World Education – Noela Dowling
  • Is working from home an option for you and your family? – Larteasha Griffen
  • Techniques for Tough Times: Lessons I am Learning on my Toughest Homeschool Days – Karen Willson
  • Simply Homeschool: 7 Simple Steps to Create Your Own Curriculum – Karen Willson
  • Prepare your NSW Registration Document in a Few Hours – (and what you DON’T need to do!) – Karen Willson
  • Unschooling Teens: are they doing enough? – Rachael Clark
  • Radical Unschooling Takes Trust – Rachael Clark
  • Home Educating Teens & Beyond – Belinda Moore
  • Hygge, Books & Homeschool – Renelle Jones
  • Cornerstones of a Home-Centered Education – Nicolas Connault
  • Centering Your Education Around Australian Living Books – Erin Hassett
  • Striking the right balance so you don’t burnout – Shannon Young
  • How you can include Aboriginal culture into your Homeschool lessons – Larteasha Griffin
  • Fresh approaches for learning challenges – Crystel Poggioli
  • Ancient Australia 101 – Nola Turner-Jensen

Full Schedule with details about the workshops

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AHS – Australian Homeschooling Summit 2019