Advice for those ‘Homeschooling’ due to the current ‘Stay@Home’ situation.

Originally published on Monday, April 6, 2020, updated with an additional video on Thursday, December 17, 2020.


Yesterday (5th April 2020) I had the pleasure of talking with Jessica Mcilveen for The Global Happy Home Summit. We covered the important differences between typical ‘Home Education’ and what people will face while temporary ‘Distance Education in Isolation’.

During this interview, my aim was to take the load off your shoulders and debunk the myths around ‘home-schooling’. Often there are concerns based on false ideas about what Home Educators must do, or who they need to be. Often people will say to me “you can homeschool because you’re a teacher” and that idea sets up people for thinking that they can’t home educate if they are not. But you don’t need to be a teacher to home educate. Even more so now you certainly do not need any teaching background to ensure your children have a successful year.


My hope is that people stop unnecessarily diving down rabbit holes, getting lost in the land of Homeschooler blogs, Facebook groups and Pinterest at 4 am. Please don’t fear that you will FAIL YOUR CHILDREN. I hope this video helps.

If you want more, here is another post that might help. I wrote it while preparing for another Summit, this one completely devoted to Homeschooling


December update:

What a year! I was recently asked by Addy Marie McVay, from Schooling Discoveries, how families could both move forward while taking something from 2020… there year that changed things for so many people.

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