Term 3 Home Ed

TYOC portal cakeWe’re into Term 3 in Australia which means flu session. It also means learning, laughing, friends, and in general more of the same! More Portal Cake (the cake is a lie), more bike riding, more Monday Morning Meetings and co-creating opportunities for pursuing passions! Oooh there’s been lots and lots of that! Home ed in the morning, projects in the afternoons. Cosplay and Minecraft, Skyping with mates daily too!

TYOC Math Tic Tac Toe

M and D are more keen than ever to ‘study’ and ‘deliberately learn’ maths and english skills. After last year’s excursion to Canberra, and reflecting on how much learning about the world we’ve covered together (part of our re-registration process we just went through), they both want to have particular academic skills to be as high as possible. 

Hurrah for them… their learning now will open doors later. They both attended the CSIRO Science Camp that was run at a local High School during the holidays. Two days of lab fun!

TYOC Mindstorm

A new home ed family has made contact with us and over cups of coffee and Tim Tams, this week, we walked away with a bucket of lego that will go BRILLIANTLY with our Mindstorm. Sharing resources no longer needed is typical in our community and we’ve certainly passed many resources on too. It’s always a grateful exchange. In the past few weeks we’ve enjoyed half a dozen ‘play dates’.


TYOC Not a bad classroom hey

Here’s a picture of our favourite classroom! When the ads on the radio blast “Back to School SALES” we know it’s almost time… for our ‘Not Back to School’ gathering and going to parks and the beach without the crowds.

There were about fifty people at our last get together, twenty at another, anywhere between one and ten families is the usual. A few hundred people at our Sport’s Carnival.

Special time to be a family and enjoy nature is very big on our list of to dos. Now to get over this flu so we can go bike riding some more!

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  1. Alyson

    Looks good to me!

  2. Kez

    Hope you guys are over the flu soon! Term 3 sounds like it’s off to a great start 🙂

    What Mindstorm did you get and where from? It’s been something on my wish list for a couple of years but haven’t quite managed it yet.

    • Tamara Kidd Post author

      Sorry it has taken so long to reply…. we got Mindstorm NXT. There was a toy shop in Sydney advertising through Gumtree and that’s how we found it. It was a bit cheaper than other online shops which was good.

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