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I’ve been out and about helping parents with their children a lot lately but I’ll always help more people online than I ever could in person. I love this work not only because I love helping people, especially children, but I also love it because I learn so much.

Recently I was asked about Montessori Apps for iPads. These were the companies I thought had the best handle on Montessori. I’ve included some brief comments on each of them.

they are my first choice as they seem to me to be the most ‘authentic’ Montessori apps is more fantasy based and some have a reward system, still worth a look has some value… love their chalk board math. The blue and red bars are Montessori inspired this one looked good too
Comment below if you know of any other Montessori App that you’ve found closely matches this method of education. Meanwhile some images of my children using our hands on Montessori materials.

Tutor Your Own Child abacusTutor Your Own Child Coloured BeadsTutor Your Own Child multiplication board






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  1. Rebecca

    I like those by Montessorium

    • Tamara Kidd Post author

      Thanks for your comment Rebecca. I’m curious about what you liked about Motnessorium? I did like their Intro to Math and Geography however the ball and stick writing with the Intro to Letters and the cartoon images (rather than real photos) on the Alpha Writer had me opting for Mobilemontessori. Thank you for adding this to the list though 🙂 I’m glad when other people’s experiences can add to sharing resources.

  2. Grace Kochanik

    Thank you for listing our website. I see via the pictures your children use the Montessori Division Board. Have they tried our virtual Division Board app?

    Our goal is to virtualize the Montessori material for all students to use. We have connected students from all over the world to Montessori lower elementary math. We have gotten many positive comments about our apps for the iPad. As Montessori teachers we understand and respect the Montessori concrete materials, and value the logic designed with in the materials. Not all students have access to Montessori materials so we visualized the materials so we can help connect all students to the logic. For instance our Stamp Game app is designed to assist students with the understanding of static and dynamic addition and subtraction the same way the concrete material does. We added a visual for carrying and borrowing, that only technology can offer.

    We welcome a conversation with your community about our apps. Please visit our website.

    Best regards,

    Grace Kochanik
    Co-founder of

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