Australian National Curriculum but not that one… Montessori!

I’m putting together the re-registration papers for M. She’s apparently a high school student this year but ‘grades’ mean little to us anymore.

Although I’m suppose to put together half of the program for this year that will satisfy the NSW BOS curriculum, in 2014 we will be expected to use the Australian National Curriculum (although only 4 of the sections are published and ready to use). We heard that the National Montessori Curriculum has been approved as an alternative to the ANC. Here’s the kicker… after calling the BOS to ask “can we just use the Monty Curric pleeeeeeeeeease?” the response was “regardless of which curriculum you use you’ll still have to meet the NSW Syllabus guidelines”.

National curriculums yet each State and Territory will STILL have their own Syllabus. Political much?

In all honesty we look at ALL curriculums, we talk to Uni lecturers, other home educators and teachers, ask about and in the end we do what works. This is what we’ve been up to lately.

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